Do something risky

Risk doesn’t have to involve something physical–taking on a mountain or a monster. Risk is ready for you and me in some of the most innocuous circumstances. But to get to that point, I’d like for you to look at this video which just came to me …–john-piper

Either now or in the sweet bye and bye (as you’ve had time to incorporate some part of your risky endeavor), let me know how it went with you. I’ll do the same. And we’ll meet here over the next few days, to discuss what came from this adventure.

Blessings to you as we continue this journey of being and becoming …


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A follower of Jesus, husband, father of 3 adult children, writer and learner.
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One Response to Do something risky

  1. samuelehall says:

    My comment re risk has to do with this website and my blog … You heard me right.
    I kept putting off getting my personal website up–too much risk! No, I didn’t think of it that way but anxiety spawned procrastination. Once a website/blog is birthed, it’s out there for all the world to see, whether it has six toes or car-door ears. And then, I knew I’d have to feed that baby: postings, respond to responses to my postings. Make it interesting … all the time. And there’s the cost–time and money. And what did I really want my site to exhibit/portray/demonstrate?
    Frankly, that last question haunted me the most: Sam, do you know what you’re about?
    Dear friends and neighbors, I’m quick to tell you that I don’t have that exactly answered but I decided to push ahead anyway. At such times as this, I often reflect back to when I (kinda) learned to swim.
    I still don’t swim very well but when I was 13 or so, my 11-year-old brother, Dick, went with friends down to the municipal pool at Beaver, the county seat. He returned after every trip with tales of diving, swimming, and all sorts of fun-fun-fun. (Younger brothers can be such a pain in the neck–so irresponsible in their indifference to perils that should terrorize a normal person, like learning to swim or ride a bicycle.) Finally, I went along and got in the pool. Splashed around a bit and over several sessions, I somewhat got the hang of swimming.
    So you ask–how does this apply to my website/blog which is supposed to relate to my doing something risky? Well, if you don’t understand why I got my shorts all bunched up over such innocuous challenges, it simply means you’re no different than my brother, Dick. He’s out there having fun, totally oblivious to the danger of social exposure or death by drowning, while I hover at the edge of the swimming pool/dance floor/internet–fully aware and playing it safe.
    Remarkably, I was reminded last week at the writers conference that I’m not alone in approaching danger with such care. In crowded company, I averred that yes, I’d launched my website. To my surprise, more than a few competent writers admitted they planned to do so … would do so … when they had more information/time/money/juice/mojo, whatever.
    I did not look at them sideways. I did not criticize, sniff, or otherwise declare how easy it was. You know why?
    Because I’m still afraid of any body of water more than waist deep.

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