The Cost of Broken Families

The anticipation of a new family.

In this past week’s comments, the writers displayed a great deal of passion about the subject of re-defining marriage. Those in favor condemned Christians as unloving, out of touch, and ignorant because of their opposition to same-sex marriage. The proponents reasons for support of same-sex arguments were given as “my opinion” or “I feel that”—all without offering data or cogent arguments to support their positions.

A common thread to those comments was the claim that heterosexuals would suffer no harm in the proposed re-definition of marriage. We need look only to the current breakup of families to see the tremendous cost, in dollars and cents.

Health & Human Services (HHS) Wade Horn points out that a huge volume of domestic spending is directly connected to family dissolution:
My agency spends $46 billion per year operating 65 different social programs. If one goes down the list of these programs — from child welfare, to child-support enforcement, to anti-poverty assistance to runaway-youth initiatives — the need for each is either created or exacerbated by the breakup of families and marriages…. Controlling the growth of these programs depends on preventing problems from happening in the first place. One way … is to help couples form and sustain healthy marriages.

Look at those figures—65 social programs costing $46,000,000,000 per year! That’s only part of the monetary cost of failing families. Obviously, the American family is in trouble. Re-defining marriage would only exacerbate the problem. 

The faith community must do more than give lip service to supporting families. We need to come alongside couples in trouble. The church must restore biblical discipleship, training its people how to build strong families. First we must disciple individuals to fulfill their roles as husbands and fathers, as wives and mothers, as children of God.

What have you learned that could contribute to a discussion on biblical discipleship?


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