The Aurora Massacre

Our guest blogger is Jerry Thompson, retired architect and a fine watercolor artist. He’s commented frequently on this blog. It’s a pleasure to have him fill in while I’m entertaining family visitors. He has these thoughts about the tragedy:

Our society has some volatile ingredients that could cause future massacres like that recently experienced in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Unless we address and remove some of those ingredients, it seems that we should anticipate an occasional such tragedy as a likelihood.  Below are ten such volatile ingredients, it seems to me:
1. A few criminally insane people

2. A few evil people

3. A few depressed people

4. A few bullied students in our schools

5. A few financially desperate people

6. A few soldiers arriving home from recent wars with PTSD and experience with weapons

7. Easy access to drugs and alcohol

8. Easy access to military-type assault weapons and ammunition

9. Easy access to explosive materials and instructions for bomb-making over the internet

10. Easy access to extremely violent entertainment through movies, television, internet, and games.

Some of these ingredients occur in most societies, but some may be unique to our country and within our control. In my opinion, the easy access to military-type assault weapons and ammunition is one of those. I realize that the subject is a third rail in politics, but we citizens must come to a consensus that those weapons are for warfare and should not be available for use by every insane, depressed, evil, drunk, or desperate person among us. That’s a tough nut to crack in a free society, I realize, but it deserves some thought. Perhaps you have your own solution to prevent such tragedies.

May the victims of this Aurora massacre, their families, and friends find peace and consolation, and may we all live without fear of future such tragedies in our own country.

Your thoughts, please, on Jerry’s comments–or–What should we do to address this and future tragedies like it?

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8 Responses to The Aurora Massacre

  1. Doris Minard says:

    Sam, we do not know the motives behind the senseless tragedy in Colorado. Time will tell if mental illness played a role. How could anyone in their right mind do such harm?

    • samuelehall says:

      Hi, Doris. To comment (I don’t think I can answer your question.), my guess would be that it’s extreme narcissism driving this person. Both he and the Norwegian guy who slaughtered scores of kids carefully planned their attacks but made no attempt to kill themselves afterwards.

  2. Doris Minard says:

    One of the most neglected areas of our society is the availability of treatment and services for those with psychiatric illnesses. The general public needs education regarding the signs and symptoms of brain disorders. This would help to get veterans, young people, the homeless, and
    others, who are experiencing these disorders/diseases into treatment and the help they need.
    It is estimated by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, that one in five families has a loved one experiencing a psychiatric disorder. Mental illness are disorders of the brain, like Parkinson’s, epilepsy, or Alzheimers. They are no-fault disorders. Unfortunately, stigma and discrimination regarding psychiatric illness keeps people from seeking professional help. The tragedy in Colorado may, hopefully, shine a light on these devastating illnesses.

    • Jerry says:

      Thank you, Doris, for the comment. A massacre by one mentally ill person would probably not have been possible without access to rapid fire, high capacity firearms, since someone in the theater would have had time to stop the perpetrator before so many were killed or injured. Mental illness is one of the ingredients that I mentioned, but such a massacre is made possible by a combination of more than one of the ingredients, it seems. Shining a light on mental illness could help eliminate one of the important ingredients, however.

      • Doris Minard says:

        I agree with your comment, Jerry. Mental illness doesn’t explain everything. Access to high speed weapons creates unnecessary opportunities for widespread destruction. Citizens do not need weapons which act like machine guns.

    • samuelehall says:

      Thanks, Doris, for your comment. My question–is there reason to believe that the perpetrator suffered from a mental illness?

  3. God bless each family who suffered trauma or loss from this tragedy.

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