In the Interests of Accuracy …

Two of my Oklahoma friends commented on my last posting about men and mountains. I wanted to share their views with all you good folks out there in Radioland (That’s a reference for those of you who listened to the radio station out of Del Rio, Texas back in the mid-20th century.).

Ron Noyes writes: There are actually/officially 54 Colorado peaks above 14,000 ft elevation.  Sunshine Peak is 14,001 ft. elevation.  There are several hundred peaks that are between 13,750 and 14,000 ft.   Some peaks are above 14,000 ft but they are too close to a taller peak or a peak with less than 500 ft of swag (elevation drop) between the peaks.

Between my retirement date of January 2004, starting in July 2004 until July 2011, I’ve climbed 50% or 27 of the 54 peaks.  I climbed mostly and most of the easiest 14ers.  Several were just hike-ups, not a lot of rock climbing or danger involved.

But, since I’ve fallen a few times in the past 3-4 years, I’ve semi-officially retired from climbing 14ers.

Glen Kirkendall had this to say:  I’m enjoying your posts greatly on a regular basis.  This one really strikes a clean note with me since I climb the fourteeners in Colorado, too.  Every climb is a spiritual experience.  I feel so close to God during those times.  But the point you make is clear and true in this post.  I feel close to Him here in Oklahoma, too.  Being able to look at the pictures I’ve taken on the climbs and just remembering the experience causes me to remember how much He loves me.

I felt you pain recently when your dear friend left this world.  I saw your brother Dick at the watering hole the next day and we exchanged sentiments in reference to that loss.  The memories you hold in your heart in his memory must be similar to those experienced at the summit of a fourteener.  May you have the peace of knowing your friend Jack lived for his Lord.

In the way of additional comment I have to agree that kindred spirits ARE very tough to find.  Most people look at me like I’m strange when they ask what I’ve been doing and I answer.  Climbing and hiking in Colorado is not an easy subject to discuss in Forgan, Oklahoma… 🙂 Biking is my other sport and that is also considered to be questionable when it comes to what is reasonable.  Both sports continue to draw me closer to the Creator.

Do you do things that might be considered out of the mainstream? What do you do for fitness or just because you want to that might be considered questionable or odd by “normal” folks?

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