Saving Kinley Adams … What About You?

Many of you have checked back for the resolution of the search for Dr. Kinley Adams, lost on Mt. Hood, Oregon’s highest mountain, when he didn’t return three weeks ago today. All news stories have a cycle, where every report is eagerly followed by family and friends. Others track the news simply because they’re interested in watching a captivating story unfold before their eyes and ears.


Rescue (Photo credit: Shuttering2Think)

Severe weather on the mountain delayed search operations several days but someone saw a rope; that led to the discovery. They found Dr. Adams a week after he’d gone missing.  He had apparently gotten caught in a severe white-out and fell. No one knows how far. The evidence indicated that he died instantly, a relief from the fear that he might have suffered several days. Search and Rescue took ten hours each way to bring his body down, due to the perilous terrain.

Over a thousand people attended the memorial service. It was a solemn, yet joyous testament to a relatively young (59) man whose life embodied service. Kinley was a highly skilled climber. Among other peaks he climbed, he took his two sons up Mt. McKinley in Alaska, which is 20,320’ elevation. To give perspective, that’s nearly two miles (1.69 miles) higher than Mt. Hood. The service closed with a sustained standing ovation for the Search and Rescue teams, many of whom were there with us.

View of Mt. McKinley of the Denali National Park.

View of Mt. McKinley of the Denali National Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several in attendance shared their memories of Dr. Adams as more than a highly trained mountaineer and competent dentist. Mentor, Search and Rescue member for decades, violinist and get-it-done guy for the orchestra, and volunteer dental clinic—he will be sorely missed.

You may be like that—brilliant, highly skilled, and capable of doing many things. But nobody hears about you because … well, you haven’t gotten around to using that God-given talent. I understand. We treasure our time. Afraid that if we oblige ourselves to serve or donate our time, well, it might never end. Like being in bondage, serving every ne’er-do-well who happens along.

Let’s consider Matthew’s words in Chapter 20, as he talks about why Jesus Christ came:

“… just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Mark tells about a young tycoon (10:17-23), who flung himself before Jesus, and asked what he had to do to inherit eternal life. He told Jesus that he’d kept all the commandments “from his youth.” Jesus told him he had to do only one thing:

 “Go, sell everything you have and give it to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”  

That was it—just one thing! But he couldn’t do it. He went away sad, because he had so much. Yet he had so little.

What an opportunity—to follow Jesus and get eternal life to boot. Hey, it would be hard for most people, with their comfortable middle income lifestyles. What about you, where you are now—could you, will you, be willing to give up everything to follow Jesus? He doesn’t say you’ll have to. But are you willing?

What barrier stands between you and Jesus? Write it down, now … Okay, consider what you’re giving up by not letting go of your goodies, that relationship, those plans …

Maybe it’s time to make some changes. You think?

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