Did You Realize You’d Been Put in Charge?

Sometimes, I subconsciously think of God as my backup in whatever I’m endeavoring to do; yet I fail to check in with the Almighty. What I’m doing is taking him for granted, presuming he’ll be there to bless my effort, picking up the mislaid and missing pieces—my lack of planning, my failure to confirm that other people vital to completion of the project are available and willing to help, the lack of money, on and on.

It may be a worthy objective but have I asked the Lord if it’s what I should be doing right then? The more power and influence we have, the more harmful and dangerous our impulses (whims?) can be.

My whole life changed when I became a dad for the first time. I felt that was one of the greatest things that had ever happened to me. Still do. But my wife and I couldn’t commit to a weekend at the beach or even coffee time with friends without first considering baby Allison—her health, how much sleep she’d had, when she needed to be fed, if it was too cold/hot outside. Even how much sleep my wife had had the night before. So with my expanded role came increased responsibilities.

It was an entirely new ball game, with a whole set of new rules.

Yet it’s not just in new roles that we must be circumspect; it’s in all of life, particularly after we receive Christ into our lives. Yes, we are Christians and we belong to the family of God. Yes, he will help us get through each day; he will strengthen us so we can grow and prevail in our struggles, but he will not necessarily keep us comfortable and out of difficulty.

Woody Allen

Cover of Woody Allen

Life doesn’t work that way. There’s some truth to Woody Allen’s quote: “Eighty percent of success is just showing up,” but that’s not the whole story. A friend observed that some people think they are doing all they’re supposed to do for the Lord by just showing up at church on Sunday. God speaks to that cavalier attitude in Psalm 50:

“… you thought I was altogether like you. But I will rebuke you and accuse you to your face.”

It’s a new ball game, folks.

What expectations upon your life changed when you were given … assigned … accepted … undertook a new role? Dadhood? Manager? Commander? Leader? Wife? Follower of Christ?

Did you realize you had been anointed with that new position/role? Look around you—closely now—and consider if that child, parent, pastor, friend is expecting something from you. There’ll be more expected than just showing up.

Listen for God’s voice. To you. He’s not just like you and me.

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A follower of Jesus, husband, father of 3 adult children, writer and learner.
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8 Responses to Did You Realize You’d Been Put in Charge?

  1. Sam – this is insightful and encouraging. Thanks for prodding me to do more than just “show up.” I need to do more planning. When I was born again, and listening to the leading of the Lord, I had to work at the tasks He gave. Trusting in God and depending on Him is everything, and also the first and last step.

  2. Amphay says:

    Since we started raising children I’ve recently come to the conclusion (and my oldest is five!) how much time we sacrifice for our kids. I can totally relate to what you wrote on that subject. I yearned for more free time to hang out with friends or even be by myself. I mentally resisted so hard that I became resentful at times. I know now how selfish I’ve been. I’ve easily forgotten what it was like to be a kid. My mind frame is always evolving , but since that moment when I stopped resisting and “let go” I try to put things in perspective. It’s not all about me now and I’m okay with that. I’m more grateful and appreciative with the time I have NOW with my kids.

    • samuelehall says:

      Amphay, thank you first of all for your comment, but especially for your candor. I know this is the real you, and even tho you had feelings back then that perhaps embarrass you now, you are honest about them. Not only that, your new perspective has opened your eyes and enabled you to move ahead. Honesty is a very freeing thing. We can set aside our subterfuges; we don’t have to pretend (that can be so tiresome); and we can step out into our world w/o fear (like, what are they gonna do, shoot me?).
      Yes, gratitude for those kids! Such treasures. So brief are these years of childhood; before you know it, they’re in school, and then they express their growing independence (rebellion … hurts … troubles). What hurts is when you realize they don’t need you so much–or don’t appear to. But that’s what you’re training them for–independence!
      And tho they appear not to need you, they always will. ‘Cause you’re their mom.
      What challenges we face in parenthood, even disappointments. But parenthood offers such satisfaction, even joy. That’s God’s blessing to us.

  3. Julia Sumrall says:

    Very, very good.

  4. Doug Bolton says:

    Great post Sam! See you at the OCW conference

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