Ear Wax and Planning the Rest of Your Life

I heard this morning that scientists had completed their examination of the body of a blue whale hit by a freighter six years ago. Among other things, they found an enormous plug of ear wax (nearly a foot long). Yeah, pretty startling, I’d say. Anyhoo, that wad of wax was providing a wealth of information. Yes, news, knowledge, data—all from a dead whale’s echolocator.

By looking at the light and dark layers of the wax—each layer corresponding to six months of the whale’s life—scientists determined when the whale was exposed to pollutants in the ocean. Some came during the early months of the whale’s life, which they said indicated it came from the mother, when this whale was nursing. Oedipus complex? Maybe so.

amy Whale, breaching, Stellwagen Bank National...

amy Whale, breaching, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, the scientific conclusions would be skewed if, unknown to researchers, there exists in the deep nether regions of the Mariana Trench (36,070 feet below sea level) a naturally created forest of giant underwater Q-tips. A place where whales vacation to clean out their ears. They are very intelligent creatures. Far be it for me to suggest they wouldn’t know how to use a Q-tip.

There’s a lot we don’t know. Well, I should say, a lot of things I don’t know. I didn’t know whales had ears, much less that they were troubled with ear wax. Well, yes, I knew whales could hear but figured they picked up sounds via vibrations in the water. Oh, yeah? Show me a photograph of a whale’s ears sticking out. So there, smartie.

Don’t laugh, you probably didn’t know about elephant graveyards until you read King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard.

Cover of "King Solomon's Mines"

Cover of King Solomon’s Mines

Well, anyway, what I started to blog about was information. We’re awash in information. (No pun intended) But it’s essential. Everything we do or plan to do is dependent on getting good information. After all, that’s how we decide whether to have a double cheese with fries—the core decisions of life—by the information we have.

So now, I’ve given you this treasure trove of information. How are you going to apply it? Don’t come crying to me, whining that you don’t know what to do with your life or whether or not to opt out of Obamacare. I’ve given you more than enough information to help you decide whether to invest in that start-up business. Yes, I’m talking about on-line sales of whale wax candles.

Better move fast, before the market gets flooded (yeah, no pun intended there, either).

What else were you going to ask me?



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8 Responses to Ear Wax and Planning the Rest of Your Life

  1. Beth Vice says:

    Oh Sam, you make me laugh! Picturing underwater q-tips and foot long ear wax (ew!), and all your delightful puns. The world is full of wonders galore. :0)

  2. Baxter says:

    Good humor, man!

  3. Now I’m going to have to research whale Q-tips. Oh, well. I can think of worse ways to put off sending queries.

  4. Doug Bolton says:

    Too funny! Well written, and actually very informative. I also didn’t know whales had ears. Guess I am missing out of many interesting things in life. I will go and start reading the Google search information, to be able to understand this world a little better. .

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