Strait of Hormuz

Tom Clancy died a few days ago. You remember him for his extraordinary thrillers. The Hunt for Red October quickly comes to mind. An incredible story, unlike any other I’ve read or seen on film.

Those of us who read fiction do so mostly for entertainment. To bring us vicariously into settings and situations we’d never otherwise experience. Some writers do much more than that. We learn from them about things that are so close to reality, even when set in the most exotic surroundings, that we seldom, if ever, have to suspend belief. They teach us the nuances of highly sophisticated security systems and how million-dollar shipments are delivered to art galleries; we might get a description of the world’s most ancient race; details of life in a kibbutz; characteristics of the elite element of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards; how the underground church might exist within a toxic environment; and get a hint of the extraordinary challenges faced by intelligence operatives and agencies. One such writer is Davis Bunn. He’s a devoted Christian; teaches at Oxford; done a bunch of things. For those who dismiss Christian fiction as fluff, I challenge you to inspect the first three chapters of Davis’ latest thriller, Strait of Hormuz. Copy the link below into your browser. You might decide to order Strait of Hormuz. It comes out in less than a week. Be the first on your block to say you’ve read Strait of Hormuz. No secret decoder ring but there are plenty of other surprises. Strait of Hormuz


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A follower of Jesus, husband, father of 3 adult children, writer and learner.
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