The Practical Historian Takes the Day Off

Sarah Angleton is not to be messed with! She’s justifiably upset that the big retailers are again placing profits before prudence and patriotism. What do you think?


NOTE: I generally post on Thursdays, but have decided this week to post a little early so that I can spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family, the way it was meant to be spent. Last year, I wrote about my absolute disgust that retailers were open for Black Friday sales on the Thursday of Thanksgiving, which meant that their employees were not able to spend the holiday at home with their families. Apparently, the retailers didn’t get my message as an even greater number of them are engaged in the practice this year. So, I’m going to try again, with this (slightly) revised post. I hope that you enjoy it and I welcome your comments, but please note that I will not be responding until Friday. This practical historian is taking the day off.

Some Sincere and Honest Suggestions

Happy National Day of Thanksgiving on this the fourth Thursday of November…

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