Family Fun, or Not

Blessed. Divinely or supremely favored. Such has been my lot this week. Not because of what I got for Christmas, although the gifts were very nice. Because of our family being together these past few days …


English: Bocce Ball

English: Bocce Ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It may seem weird to some of you readers but among the highlights of our time, one of the best was playing bocce ball late Christmas day out on the sloped grassy area down by the road. What a hoot! We played until it got so dark we couldn’t see.


No, we didn’t keep score. Who knows how? Not me. Just a lot of laughing at the antics of our kids who, well, I suppose they take after their parents. We played down the hill and back up around a sleepy oak. Then an errant throw dribbled down the driveway … across the road … Fortunately, no cars careening around the blind curve; the ball was retrieved and back up the hill.


Silly? Yes, but everyone was into it, cheering the others on. Just being ourselves. I can’t encapsulate the dynamic of these few days together. These pix, posted on FaceBook, are offered to demonstrate partly why I am what I am …


A friend … uh, make that an ex-friend (just kidding), said, “The Hall family? Looks like the Addams family.” Maybe so. No one wants to be normal.


I guess we succeeded on that score.


And I am blessed.


May you be also. Even though perhaps your Christmas wasn’t as fun. Maybe it was even sad, or lonely, or divisive, or soiled with drugs or booze. If so, my heart goes out to you, and if I could talk with you now, I would try to understand and encourage.


Know this. Though I don’t know your situation or your family, there is One. A real person. Jesus. Yeah, the Son of God. He knows who you are, where you are, what is weighing on your heart. He wants to make you whole again. Or maybe for the first time.


Ask him. You don’t have to shut your eyes, or be in a church. You just have to speak to him. He’s there. For you.


Be blessed.





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A follower of Jesus, husband, father of 3 adult children, writer and learner.
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