You and I will make this a fun place to explore and discover—primarily through my blog. Life should be a joy but for those times when it’s not, I hope my blog of “Being and Becoming” will inspire, inform, and maybe make you laugh. A key element is authenticity—difficult for most and easy for nobody. But how else to bring us to that freedom, and to experience life?
You’ll see guest bloggers here on a regular basis. They will present topics on their field of expertise for your questions or comment. My guests will not all be Christian, conservative, or even seasoned writers. Whether you participate or merely read the postings, the interchange should strengthen your faith and stimulate your thinking.
I will explore the theme of being and becoming in my postings and articles. From my view, living a transparent life is largely dependent on fixing my eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of faith.


9 Responses to About

  1. LOVE both of the Martin Luther’s – the German reformation “original” one and the MLK Jr. civil rights one! – great to see your blog and stay connected Sam! – cornelia http://www.corneliaseigneur.com

  2. jasonbladd says:

    Thank you for following FIGHTER FAITH. I look forward to exchanging posts! -Jason

  3. momofsteel says:

    Hey Sam, Thanks for checking out my blog. And now I’m checking out your blog. So far, so good. Very interesting. Love the Martin Luther King quote on your site.
    Talk soon,

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